The Busy Professional's Emergency Toolkit

This video training will help you reduce the risk of burnout at work.

It will do so by teaching you how to start changing the way your body and brain respond to stress. You will get insights and simple tools that you can implement immediately and share with others to support their mental wellbeing.

Most employees and managers will experience mental illness within their lifetime. Mental health concerns are becoming increasingly more prevalent in the workplace, especially in the post-pandemic world.

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Why this matters


Unsuccessfully managed workplace stress can lead to burnout and mental illness. This training is an essential first step in learning how to manage stress so that you can retain a state of mental wellbeing even when you are challenged or under pressure.

Topics covered

  1. The first step to turning stress into a strength

  2. The number one cause of stress many people are now aware of

  3. A simple technique to start re-designing your stress response

  4. What you should start doing to protect your wellbeing and mental health

Who this training is for


Stress can affect anyone from any industry. This training is an introduction on how to better manage stress for improved mental wellbeing and is suited to HR professionals, business owners, managers, CEOs, team leaders and professionals wanting to replace feeling overwhelmed by feeling in control and balanced.

Meet your trainer: Dr. Georgi Toma

Dr. Toma is a wellbeing researcher and the creator of the Heart & Brain Wellbeing Protocol, a mental health system shown to significantly improve mental wellbeing.

In a 2020 University of Auckland research study, the Heart & Brain Wellbeing Protocol helped those who implemented it consistently achieve 7%-58% reduction in stress, 13%-60% reduction in burnout and 12%-103% improvement in wellbeing while experiencing the unfolding of COVID-19 pandemic.

In Stress No More she will be sharing with you some of the first steps in the Heart & Brain Wellbeing Protocol.

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