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of participants found our programs useful.




would recommend our programs to a friend.




noticed a reduction in stress after the program.




are still using the techniques 3 months after the program ended.



My son said to me: "You've really changed, mum! I was really trying to wind you up and you didn't bite!


 "I used to take things quite personally and be reactive and now the reactive stuff has definitely dissipated. The head coach in my softball team noticed how less stressed I am because of this program.

Natalie Jones - Support Staff Te Kura Correspondence School

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Tilla Miranda

Program Coordinator - Future Learning Solutions

"I learnt new strategies for coping when under stress or feeling harassed.

I have known Georgi to be very knowledgeable and approachable. She is deeply caring of people and their circumstances and their need to reconnect and be their true selves."

Lan Anh Thi Nguyen

General Coordinator at AVSE Global 

"I now understand how my brain creates my 'reality', how my emotions are triggered and, more importantly, why I behave in certain ways.

It's given me insights about my parenting, I wasn't really expecting to get. It's helped me connect more to my children."

Christine Davies

Professor University of Auckland

"The coaching placed me at the centre of my life. I realised that I needed to try to prioritise some of my needs over those of others and I am much better at that now. I learnt to achieve much more of a balance in my life.

Georgi is superb at asking just the right questions at just the right time that really make you dig deep and think about how you are living your life compared with how you would like it to be."

What participants say about our programs

(in anonymous surveys)

Has the program helped you?

"I have definitely noticed a difference in my overall happiness and attitude towards work. I already loved my job but I feel that I am now enjoying it even more! Which I did not think was possible!"

"The programme has had a huge effect on my life both at home and work.  Largely, I have adopted a new way of thinking- I am now concerned with the 'now' rather than worrying about the past or what might happen. Prior to this course, I used to ruminate on issues that had not even happened. I have learnt that this is just my brain making up stories, and so I'm learning to just deal with things I can control. I am so thankful for many of the teachings from his course and Georgi's ability to back these up with research and anecdotes."

"The programme had many effects on my life at work and at home. I now know how to handle stress better. I use mindfulness tools to help me calm down and easily find solution to problems."

"Yes, I am now able to pause and think before reacting. This has been helpful in my personal life as well as my professional life."

"Yes I'm much calmer and more likely to react in a more positive way to situations."

"I have been more calm and less stressed. Situations I would have normally reacted to I have reacted with less emotion."

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It cut into the busyness and helped me focus on my purpose.


 "I got a lot of enjoyment out of this program. It has definitely reduced the overwhelm I feel at times! And it's increased my commitment to following my purpose. I'm very grateful for all this.

Cherie Appleton - Director CNZN & Lecturer University of Auckland


It cut into the busyness and helped me focus on my purpose.


 "I got a lot of enjoyment out of this program. It has definitely reduced the overwhelm I feel at times! And it's increased my commitment to following my purpose. I'm very grateful for all this.

Cherie Appleton - Director CNZN & Lecturer University of Auckland

Kathryn Huish

Director at Kore Fitness  

"I loved the knowledge about the inner workings of the mind. The program is thought provoking and potentially life changing.

This program has helped develop confidence in myself and my inner resilience."

Joeline Bushell-Till


"I heard of mindfulness before but didn’t know how to put it into practice.

In the course I learned different methods to help calm the mind and it’s allowed me to respond rather than react. I’m a lot calmer and more comfortable in my own skin."

Lee Hershberger 

Transformational Coach

"I have become more intentional in making time to practice meditation and draw on using mindfulness to help relax and lessen stress in my life

It has made me more conscious of how I now choose to react to situations when they arise. I am also more conscious of the world around me."

What participants say 3 months after the end of our programs

(in anonymous surveys)

 It’s now been 3 months since the end of the program.

Do you notice any changes in your life thanks to the program?

"Yes. I have better work relationships and being around people anywhere now.  Even my husband joins in meditation occasionally with me!!"

"Yes! I now stop jumping to conclusions about what people think of me. That was something that I was really bad atI have a very busy mind and really over think things. It’s a pain in the bum sometimes because I can waste time overthinking things but when I use the information from the course it helps so much!"

"Definitely for the better. I have even had comments from my team leader at work and my family about being far less defensive and reactive, not taking things so personally. I see the things that people say to me differently now and understand their comments are more about themselves than myself."

"Yes. I am calmerAlso I am getting feedback from my team about the difference in my reactions to stressful situations."

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It was the wake-up call I needed! It came at just the right time to pick me up and keep me going!


"I used to have a very busy mind. And couldn't meditate. I have gone from not being able to practice meditation to happily enjoying 20 minutes of silent meditation which I find very relaxing and rejuvenating." 

Simone Antoniuk - Preschool Teacher & Assistant Head Teacher

Emma Harper

In-School Leader for Wellbeing

"I am able to stop when I am faced with a challenging situation and look at the facts and what I can change to improve/make the most out of a situation.

It has provided me with skills to redesign my stress response"

Michelle Tupper

Learning Support Coordinator 

"I love the practices we learnt. I use them with my students. I am a lot calmer.

don't beat myself when I feel stressed or unmotivated."


"Surprisingly good Zoom Experience!"

Alina Pescini

"Now I can change my negative habits."

Joeline Bushell-Till

"I now know how to recharge."

Rachel Burt

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"Surprisingly good Zoom Experience!"

Alina Pescini


"A really good course. It gives you the ability to know that you can change the narrative in your mind."

Joeline Bushell-Till


"I highly recommend Georgi's course. She was a great listener."

Rachel Burt

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