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The Wellbeing Protocol

The Wellbeing Protocol (WP) is the only scientifically-validated programme in NZ and AU to reduce stress and burnout at work.

Research evidence shows WP helps participants:

  • Reduce stress by up to 58%
  • Reduce burnout by up to 60%
  • Improve mental wellbeing by up to 103%


How It Works

WP is an online group coaching experience.

It lasts 6 weeks for a total of 12 sessions. Each session is 40min.

You will discover:

  • The ways in which our brain and mind create chronic stress unnecessarily
  • Simple techniques to change your stress response for improved health


What you get

  • 12 group coaching sessions to get insights and learn techniques
  • Team challenges to put into practice the techniques learnt
  • Private online platform and app for your organisation to access all the materials and session recordings easily
  • Extra resources to download and keep forever
  • Confidential participant support
  • Manager training before and after WP
  • Quarterly follow-up training for mental health at work 


Participant Testimonials

I think people don't realise they need this until they start and I was surprised, much like you will be, just what a difference a training like Georgi's can make for you and your team.

I think the biggest change came with the increased and deliberate inter-team connections, greater clarity and productivity.

Paul France - APM Workcare

This is the best wellbeing course I have done! Evidence-based content combined with easy to action solutions and Georgi’s calm facilitation style made me look forward to the sessions every week.

Now I understand the reasons why certain situation cause anxiety and stress, and what to do about it. I can now manage anxiety at the source.

Amy Marais - Korn Ferry


My son said to me: "You've really changed, Mum! I was really trying to wind you up and you didn't bite!

 "I used to take things quite personally and be reactive and now the reactive stuff has definitely dissipated. The head coach in my softball team noticed how less stressed I am because of this program." 

Natalie Jones - Te Kura Correspondence School

It cut into the busyness and helped me focus on my purpose.

 "I got a lot of enjoyment out of this program. It has definitely reduced the overwhelm I feel at times! And it's increased my commitment to following my purpose. I'm very grateful for all this." 

Cherie Appleton - CNZN, University of Auckland


Feedback from surveys


Was the Wellbeing Protocol useful?

"I have definitely noticed a difference in my overall happiness and attitude towards work. I already loved my job but I feel that I am now enjoying it even more! Which I did not think was possible!"

"Yes, I am now able to pause and think before reacting. This has been helpful in my personal life as well as my professional life."

"Yes I'm much calmer and more likely to react in a more positive way to situations."

"The programme had  many effects on my life at work and at home. I now know how to handle stress better. I use mindfulness tools to help me calm down and easily find solutions to problems."

It's now been 3 months since the Wellbeing Protocol. Does the programme have any effect still?

"Yes. I am calmerAlso I am getting feedback from my team about the difference in my reactions to stressful situations."

"Definitely. I have even had comments from my team leader at work and my family about being far less defensive and reactive, not taking things so personally. I see the things that people say to me differently now and understand their comments are more about themselves than myself."

"Yes! I now stop jumping to conclusions about what people think of me. That was something that I was really bad at. I have a very busy mind and really overthink things. It’s a pain because I waste time doing it but when I use the tools from the course it helps so much!"

"Yes. I have better work relationships and being around people anywhere now.  Even my husband joins in meditation occasionally with me!!"

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