Employee Fatigue

We’re currently seeing an increase in employee fatigue and irritability. Cross-team communication is more strained. Staff perceives regular tasks as more difficult. Decision-making and initiative are dampened by ‘brain fog’.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in your staff?

If yes, our workshop will provide you with some useful insights. Here is what we covered:

  • What is the underlying cause of fatigue
  • What are the consequences of ignoring it
  • What you can do on an organizational level to support your staff
  • What you can do on a personal level if you experience this yourself

About Dr. Georgi Toma

Georgi is an expert in stress, burnout and workplace mental health.

She is the founder of Heart & Brain Works. She also conducts research at the University of Auckland.

She is the creator of the Wellbeing Protocol,  the only scientifically validated training to reduce burnout and improve mental wellbeing at work, in NZ and AU.

Research evidence shows the Wellbeing Protocol helps employees:

  • reduce stress by up to 58%
  • reduce burnout by up to 60%
  • improve metal wellbeing by up to 103%.

Message from Georgi

If you would like to explore opportunities to work together, book a chat below. This is not a sales call. This is a 15-min chat to see if I can help or not.

Some of the topics we can talk about include:

  • Psychosocial hazards and mental wellbeing audit
  • The Wellbeing Protocol
  • How to create an effective and sustainable wellbeing strategy
  • Leader training
  • Culture of civility, respect and high performance intervention​
  • A sustainable wellbeing strategy for your organisation

We run sessions like this once a month.

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