The Great Au & NZ Resignation

a fireside chat

Watch our panel of experts engage in a stimulating conversation about the Great Resignation in Australia and New Zealand.

Discover the latest trends in the market and fresh perspectives on how to retain top talent.

Our guests have a wealth of expertise and have shared practical insights that might challenge you to think in new ways.


See below the resources shared by our panelists

Director Sentiment Survey

The Director Sentiment Survey report provides a snapshot of issues, challenges and insights from the director community.

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The Great Resignation by Remote Workers

Remote work options were supposed to keep employees engaged and loyal. The latest jobs data shows it isn’t quite working out that way.

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What is Driving the Great Resignation

Research using employee data reveals the top five predictors of attrition and what companies can do to retain employees.

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HR Predictions for 2022

This report from the Josh Bersin company lays out all the major trends HR leaders and professionals should be keeping in mind as 2022 unfolds.

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About Dr. Georgi Toma

Georgi is an expert in stress, burnout and workplace mental health.

She is the founder of Heart & Brain Works. She also conducts research at the University of Auckland.

She is the creator of the Wellbeing Protocol,  the only scientifically validated training to reduce burnout and improve mental wellbeing at work, in NZ and AU.

Research evidence shows the Wellbeing Protocol helps employees:

  • reduce stress by up to 58%
  • reduce burnout by up to 60%
  • improve metal wellbeing by up to 103%.

Message from Georgi

If you would like to explore opportunities to work together, book a chat below. This is not a sales call. This is a 15-min chat to see if I can help or not.

Some of the topics we can talk about include:

  • Psychosocial hazards and mental wellbeing audit
  • The Wellbeing Protocol
  • How to create an effective and sustainable wellbeing strategy
  • Leader training
  • Culture of civility, respect and high performance intervention​
  • A sustainable wellbeing strategy for your organisation

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